Product Care

How was my piece crafted?

We choose each board from locally harvested and milled wood here in Iowa.  Once selected, we meticulously craft each piece using its' unique characteristics.  Our process accentuates the inherent design, shape and color of each species of wood we choose.  On occasion, we enlist the use of epoxy resin to fill cracks, voids or knots to ensure a silky smooth finish and added interest.  We prepare your piece to last!  Our finishing process is a hand rubbed, durable, matte, non-toxic, food safe, all-natural finish which protects and stabilizes wood and continues to cure for some time.   Your piece is branded and numbered to ensure that your selection is one of a kind.


How should I care for my investment?

While our pieces are carefully finished for lasting beauty and durability, it is still wood and should be appropriately cared for.  Here are some simple steps you can follow to maintain the beauty of your piece.

To Clean: use mild soap and water, rinse thoroughly and dry. Do not scrub, submerge in water or place in dishwasher.

To Maintain: lightly coat with food grade mineral oil or board butter, let sit about 15 minutes. Wipe off excess product, then buff to a smooth surface with a clean, dry cloth. Maintenance application is dependent on frequency of use. 

CAUTION!!   Be aware, as with any wood surface, that staining can occur. Vibrant colored fruit can stain any finish. We suggest using separate dishes to contain colorful fruits and veggies to prolong the beauty of your piece. 

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